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Public Liability Claims

We are all aware of the term “Public Liability”, and no doubt you will have noticed that your home insurance policy contains a “Public Liability” component, but very few of us understand what it is there for!

Most of us will not give any thought to being injured whilst we are out and about shopping, visiting friends or even doing a good deed like mowing the lawn for a neighbour, but we should really understand what our options are, should such a situation arise.

As with all types of injuries you may sustain as a result of someone else’s lack of care or negligence, it is important to know what your rights and obligations are, so that you can ensure you are able to access your rightful entitlements.

There are also certain legal obligations you must adhere too should you want your claim to be successful.

For that reason it is best to consult one of our experienced lawyers who can help to guide you through the relevant steps required and ensure you claim your just entitlements.

Free Initial Consultation and “No Win No Fee” arrangements.

At Griffiths Parry Lawyers we understand that people can be afraid to contact and ask a question of a lawyer, as they believe it will cost them for the answer, and we believe that should not be the case.

At Griffiths Parry Lawyers we understand this situation and assist by giving you access to a member of our legal team for up to one (1) hour at no charge plus we have “No Win No Fee” arrangements in place.

This allows you the opportunity to get a lot of your questions answered and gain an understanding of your chances of success and how we can assist you access the support the law provides.

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