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Workplace Injury

Sustaining an injury whilst working is something that you never really expect, and it will definitely impact on your working life, but can also place considerable strain on your personal life.

Being prepared for such an event is crucial if you want to ensure you receive all your entitlements and be able to protect yourself and your family.

It is also important to remember that the impact of injuries effect different people in different ways and it is therefore important to properly establish your rights in your particular circumstance.

There aare some critical steps you need to follow for your claim to be successful:

  1. Report your injury to your employer straight away;
  2. Visit a medical practitioner as soon as possible as you will need information from your doctor to prove your injury is related to your job;
  3. Make sure you get your WorkCover Qld claim lodged.

Once you have lodged your claim is also the time you need to consult your legal expert to ensure the full extent of your injury is documented and you can discuss your claim to ensure you receive the right advice and ensure you claim your full entitlements.

Free Initial Consultation and “No Win No Fee” arrangements.

At Griffiths Parry Lawyers we understand that people can be afraid to ask a question of a lawyer, as they believe it will cost them for the answer, and we believe that should not be the case.

At Griffiths Parry Lawyers we understand this situation and assist by giving you access to a member of our legal team for up to one (1) hour at no charge plus we have “No Win No Fee” arrangements in place.

This allows you the opportunity to get a lot of your questions answered and gain an understanding of your chances of success and how we can assist you access the support the law provides.

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