Electronic Conveyancing takes effect in Queensland in 2023

Electronic conveyancing or eConveyancing will be mandatory in Queensland from the 20th of February 2023 under the Land Title Regulation 2022.

This means that most residential and other related property transactions in Queensland will need to be prepared, lodged and settled electronically.

eConveyancing is a platform that removes the need for paper-based settlements. This means no more attending settlements in person, and greater security and timeliness of settlement dates.

Keeping in mind the issues surrounding cyber security, eConveyancing provides significant protection strategies to ensure that the financial transactions are carried out safely and securely – minimising the risk of money being intercepted by cyber criminals.

At Griffiths Parry Lawyers, we have been using eConveyancing for some time and are well equipped for the change. Other firms are not so well prepared.

If you are thinking of buying or selling property in the new year, make sure you choose a law firm that has extensive experience in eConveyancing to do your transaction. Rest assured, the team at Griffiths Parry Lawyers can assist you.

Contact us today on 5390 1400 if you have any questions regarding eConveyancing.

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