Sunshine Coast Mediation

Want to solve a dispute without going to court?

Reach out to the team today to book your mediation.

Sunshine Coast Mediation

Want to solve a dispute without going to court?

Reach out to the team today to book your mediation.


What is Mediation?

A Mediation is a form of “assisted negotiation” where parties are encouraged and assisted to explore options to creatively overcome obstacles for better, long-lasting outcomes. Mediation is a future focused process aiming to help participants come to an acceptable resolution quickly and cost-effectively. 

This negotiation process is facilitated by a Mediator who is independent of both parties and ensures that both parties explore freely what an acceptable outcome may look like. The process is completely confidential and focuses on meeting the needs of those involved rather than gathering evidence. Anything disclosed during Mediation cannot be used against you in the future. 

The process is voluntary and you don’t have to reach an agreement at the end. At any time you can terminate the Mediation. Should you not be able to reach an agreement, you need to have demonstrated that you have at least attempted to mediate. At the conclusion of the Mediation, you may be granted a certificate to say that your Mediation was offered and whether it was successful or not. Your Mediation will take place at our offices in Birtinya. Other locations are available on request.


Why Mediate?

Mediation can offer you several advantages, often saving you precious time and money. Over 85% of disputes are successfully resolved through early mediation, eliminating the need for court proceedings which are often expensive and can take years to give you a final outcome. In contrast Mediation services can be arranged swiftly, often within a few weeks, and provide a much more cost-effective solution saving you from the expenses associated with lengthy court battles.

The Mediation process can be tailored to suit your needs, including options to use technology to make communicating easier, with no pressure to be face-to-face with individuals (unless you would like to). Embracing mediation ensures a timely, cost-effective, and personalised approach to solving your disputes while empowering you to remain in control.


Types of Disputes

The firm can mediate over the following types of disputes:

  • family law and relationship breakdowns, trying to come to agreement over splitting of assets and liabilities, and parenting arrangements for any children
  • employment law disputes between employers and employees
  • estate litigation where Wills may be disputed between beneficiaries
  • commercial and small business disputes like contractual disputes, supply chain issues
  • Shareholder or Director disputes
  • Contract disputes with retirement villages

Please note that we do not handle civil disputes such property boundary issues and neighbourhood disputes. Click here to find out about the free services provided by Queensland government. 


Your Mediators

Rebecca Wilson will be your Mediator. Using her negotiation expertise, she facilitates the mediation process to provide separating families a safe space to openly discuss issues and come to their own agreements whilst helping to avoid expensive court proceedings. Find out more about Rebecca.



Using the form below, request a suitable day for your mediation, and one of our team will be in touch to confirm availability.


How does it work?

We can tailor your Mediation specifically to suit your needs. Typically, the Mediation process involves:


Once your Mediation has been booked you will be asked to sign a Mediation Agreement which will set out the process and lay the ground rules for the Mediation process.


Your Mediator will then contact you for an Intake Session conducted by phone. This will be held at least a 1 week prior to your Mediation date. Payment of your share of the Mediation fees will need to be made.


Prepare for mediation by seeking advice from your lawyer, financial adviser, bank and even your mortgage broker to ensure you have all the necessary information to make decisions on the day and be fully informed of any implications.


On the day of your Mediation, your Mediator will meet with you individually to make sure that you are ready and to address any preliminary issues you may have. Your Mediator will talk you through the process and answer any questions you might have.


Throughout the day, your Mediator will come back to you to further explore areas in dispute and to put offers to you made by the other party for your consideration.


Conclusion. Your Mediation will conclude, hopefully with an agreement in place.


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Mediation Fees

Fees and charges are inclusive of GST:

Issuing invitation to Family Dispute Resolution with another party, follow up and s60i certificate (where applicable).*


Half day Mediation (by Video Conferencing only) up to 4 hours in duration. Includes all telephone calls, correspondence, intake sessions and reasonable preparation as defined in the Mediation Agreement.**


Full Day Mediation (in person or by video conferencing) up to 8 hours in duration. Includes all telephone calls, correspondence, intake sessions and reasonable preparation as defined in the Mediation Agreement.**


Additional time beyond the 4 hours for a half day and 8 hours for a full day, is charged at an hourly rate.

$440 per hour

Travel time – based on time taken to travel. $220 per hour

Accommodation and incidentals. $300.00 per night

Room hire – if held at Griffiths Parry Lawyers & Notary. NO CHARGE

If other locations are required, a room hire fee will apply and will be provided at the time of scheduling the mediation.
Room hire arrangements are in place for other locations in Birtinya and Cooroy. 

*The party that pays for the Issuing Invitation to Family Dispute Resolution will not need to pay a deposit.

**A non-refundable deposit of $440 per person is required to secure the booking.